World Wildlife Federation ad campaign

6 06 2008

It’s not very often that I see an advertising campaign I instantly appreciate. That’s the power of imagery, and the power of targeting our environmental responsibilities. This paper towel dispenser shows an ad campaign for the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), and the strapline reads:


The idea is that the more paper towels you take, the less green South America becomes. De-forestation in South America happens at an alarming rate, so anything that highlights the issue is good in my view. I’m not quite sure why green foil is used behind the silhouette of South America. After all, the paper towels are already green (which I think is quite standard throughout Europe?). Perhaps its use is so that white paper towels have the same effect. Regardless, I like it a lot.

The agency responsible is , Copenhagen Denmark.

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3 responses

9 09 2008

Wah tulisannya pakai bahasa Inggris aku jadi bingung sendiri.

9 09 2008

Dear Aminudin...

Biar akomodatif Mas…soalnya banyak kawan dari luar negeri yang juga minta sama saya bikin tulisannya sekali-kali pake bahasa Inggris gitu…

6 10 2008

Keren banget idenya….!

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