Seoul Design Olympiad 2008

5 08 2008

“” is the mascot of SDO 2008 and was created based on the mythical unicorn-lion (the guardian of the palace of fire), which has been a part of Seoul’s history and culture for 600 years.’s pure eyes, plump ears, damp nose, wide mouth and changeable skin print stand for its remarkable five senses. The horn is’s sixth sense and symbolizes rationality. The silver-white colored bead on its neck represents the Hangang (River) and makes a mysterious sound that inspires design and gives off energy.’s blue skin signifies its water-friendly character and silver-white represents the Hangang (River) and the digital world. is warm and kind-hearted, full of curiosity, creative and witty. All in all, “” represents Seoul, a city in pursuit of love and happiness based on the creativity of designers.

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2 responses

9 09 2008

Great desain, very inspired.

I hope i can do little desain for my living.

4 10 2008

“” is good character.
Its very representative to Korean culture and geographical. Yet, it has a great desain too. Like Paul Saunders said, “communicate globally, but stylize locally”.

Pandu Ramayodya
1608 0301 66

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